We all know that Nonoha isn't good with puzzles and she doesn't really like it. This was shown during the 2nd season, when the gang went to an island which belongs to POG. It was supposed to be a "no-puzzle camp", but it only made Nonoha want to solve puzzles. At first I thought that this might lead to her trying more and more. At that time there was also the prediction that Nonoha will join the Orpheus Order and so she will get an Orpheus Ring, which will allow her to solve puzzles. But in the end it didn't happen.

Now, the main point of the blog:

1. Did you want the prediction mentioned above to actually happen?

2. Do you think that in the upcoming season something like this will happen?


1. Yes, I did. I thought that it might be an interesting plot twist.

2. I really hope so. I would like her to ally with the antagonist team, allowing her to gain the ability to solve puzzles. This ability and her photographic memory might make a good combination which will be very hard to beat (I'm referring to the main cast). But eventually she will lose against Kaito. And after that her puzzle solving skills will remain. It would be great if something like this would happen.