PhiBrain PSPCoverArt
Title Phi Brain: Kizuna no Puzzle
Kanji ファイ・ブレイン 絆のパズル
Publisher Arc System Works
Genre Puzzle, Battle-ADV
Platform Playstation Portable
Players Single
Rating Undefined
Release 31st May 2012
Game Official Website(JP)
Kizuna no Puzzle Official PV

Kizuna no Puzzle Official PV


Inspired by the world of NHK E Tele(Educational Television) anime Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, a video game adaptation was developed by Arc System Works for the PlayStation Portable and released in Japan on May 31st 2012.


The player is required to solve the puzzles via the playable main character - Daimon Kaito. At the last of each stage, a 3D reproduced POG puzzle will appear. Various puzzles are inspired by the anime and by collaborating with other characters in the game, the player is also able to improve the friendship.

There are also exclusive contents available in the "Archive Mode" based on the player's performance. In addition, depending on the progress of the puzzle, you can enjoy a higher degree of puzzle difficulty via the "Story Mode".

Characters FeaturedEdit

Game ModesEdit

There are two modes to explore:

PhiBrain PSP StoryMode

Story ModeEdit

Enjoy the pace of the original story, based on the world of the anime, where Daimon Kaito, a boy subjected to POG's special training as a "Solver", is nurtured through interaction with fellow schoolmates and enjoying puzzles.

PhiBrain PSP ArchiveMode

Archive ModeEdit

After successfully clearing puzzles in the "Story Mode", nearly 200 questions that are exclusive only in the "Archive Mode" are made available. Access to character illustrations and glossary terms used in the anime are also available.

Puzzle ListEdit

  • Huge Pulley
  • Sudoku
  • School Magic
  • Miniature City
  • Greathenge Maze
  • Labyrinth of Conviction
  • Word Square
  • Pastry Puzzle
  • Colour Logic
  • One-Stroke Puzzle
  • Slide Puzzle
  • Painting Encryption
  • Kanji Star Array
  • Encryption Menu
  • Cross Addition Puzzle
  • Matching Queen
  • 3-Colour-Place
  • Dual Side Slide Puzzle
  • Level Labyrinth
  • Arithmetic Cross Number Puzzle
  • Laser Puzzle
  • Quadruple Sudoku
  • Amitabha Stone Stage


  • An example of a "Cross Addition Puzzle" aka Kakuro is here.