Return of the Fool's Puzzle (愚者のパズル再び Gusha no Pazuru Futatabi) is the twentieth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the fourty-fifth episode of the anime series overall.


As the gang try to figure out more behind Klondike and the Replica Rings, Cubic reveals to Gammon that Kaito's brain patterns are still accelerating even without the Orpheus Bangle. Meanwhile Kaito, who had a vision involving Freecell and Nonoha, is approached by Whist, who reveals all the rings the Orpheus Order wears are replicas, but Freecell had managed to use it to awaken as a Phi Brain child. Realising he needs to become stronger, Kaito asks Rook to take him to a Fool's Puzzle. Kaito is soon brought to a maze where he must carefully avoid statues which trigger trapdoors. Managing to reach the end of the puzzle safely, Kaito discovers that Freecell had managed to solve it first. As Rook decides to help Kaito train against harder puzzles, Freecell meets up with Whist, revealing what he now knows thanks to the Ring.


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