Piece of Malice (憎しみの欠片 Nikishimi no Pīsu) is the sixteenth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the fourty-first episode of the anime series overall.


Ana is visited by his older sister, Eve, who is soon revealed to possess an Orpheus Bracelet, showing a drastic change from the kind-hearted personality that Ana admired and blaming him for having to give up her dream as a painter. Working with Mizerka, she challenges to Kaito to game where, should he lose, Mizerka would break Ana's arm and end his dream as a painter. Kaito is tasked with completing a large picture puzzle in fifteen minutes. As Eve laments how she suffered due to Ana overtaking her in artistic talent, Kaito manages to complete the puzzle, revealing a painting of suffering that Eve drew. After Kaito explains how neither the puzzle or the painting represents the true Eve, Mizerka attempts to attack Ana but Eve stops her and her bracelet, which turns out to be a Replica Ring, breaks. As Mizerka contemplates how Eve was used an experiment, Eve goes under the protection of the POG, although Ana feels she is lying when she says she'll take up painting again.


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