Have Some Howawan (ほわわんをあげたい Howawan wo Agetai) is the eighth episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the thirty-third episode of the anime series overall.


The Orpheus Order show up at Root Academy, revealing themselves to be students of old school, Crossfield Academy, and challenge Kaito and the others to a duel in which, if they win, Kaito and co. will have to aid them in their plans. They are brought to their hidden base at the Prouder Horse mall where they must participate in a team sliding puzzle. Cubic loses the first round against Melancholy who hints at a personal vendetta against Kaito, albeit he has no memory of it. Cubic manages to gather some data to send to Souji. As Kaito prepares for the next round, Freecell shows off a pendant that Kaito supposedly made a promise on.


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