Orpheus Order (オルペウス・オーダー Orupeusu Ōdā) is the first episode of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle Season Two and the twenty-sixth episode of the anime series overall.


While solving another Fool's Puzzle, Kaito spots a curious person watching him. The next day, Kaito discovers a Fool's Puzzle inside Root Academy that wasn't arranged by the POG. Finding a strange mirror based "Judgment Puzzle", Kaito meets the person, who challenges him to escape the puzzle or else be killed. Meanwhile, student vice president Tamaki Chieno, who has a crush on Souji, is approached by another strange man. As the curious person hints that he knows more about Kaito than he lets on, Kaito manages to solve the puzzle by accelerating his brain in the same way as the bangle despite not having one, just in time to escape as the puzzle self destructs. Afterwards, the man introduces himself to be Freecell, a member of the Orpheus Order who possesses an Orpheus bangle and states that Kaito will be betrayed one after another by his comrades, before Tamaki appears to challenge him to a puzzle battle.


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