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Cubic Galois(キュービック・G Kyūbikku Garoa) is a student at Root Academy and a solver holding the title Edison.


Cubic has short, blonde hair and blue eyes. He is short because he is a middle school student. His outfit consists of a white shirt, a green tie, a light yellow vest, blue trousers, brown shoes and a long lab coat.


Cubic often invents various robotics. He loves math and considers numbers his only friends. While he was trying to convince Kaito to give up on puzzles, Cubic said that a genius must not waste time solving puzzles (in fact at the beginning he disliked puzzles). Cubic takes an interest in Kaito after witnessing his Phi-Brain in action while he was solving a POG puzzle. At first, he appeared to be self-centered, however this resulted from him being too young to understand the full extent of some of his actions. Nonoha calls him "Q-chan", as a pun on his name, and he does not seem to have a problem with that. Also, Gammon sometimes calls him "Q-taro".


After losing his robot Mr.Okabe in England, he continues to develop new mecha assistants - Mr.Yoshio and Mr.Iwashimizu.


  • He's an inventor, so much like Thomas Edison.
  • His name was taken from "Galois group of a cubic polynomial", named after the mathematician Évariste Galois